How to check PNR Status on Mobile Phone

As Indian mobile industry is booming and everyone tends to get connected through mobile, there would be always a need to have mobility about frequent services to go on mobile. One such services which can be accessible by mobile user is PNR Status Inquiry through your mobiles. There are lot many ways by which you can check PNR Status of your ticket booked and get the current status at anytime. Here are the 5 ways by which you can check PNR Status through your mobile.

PNR Status Enquiry at General Enquiry via Phone

This is the oldest and widely used method by all the India though many don’t like it and find it a worst services. Although this is worst services this would be continuing it success because its free from BSNL and MTNL landlines phones and mobile users are charged for it. For this you need to call the Indian Railways helpline at 139 or 1345 and follow their IVRS to know your PNR status. This number is also used for other purposes like train inquiry, arrival or departure information, etc.,.

PNR by SMS at Regular SMS Rates

I would prefer this than the above mentioned services because all the options mentioned above are chargeable accordingly, this also chargeable yet economical. You are charged at your regular SMS rates. This services are brought to customers by Indian Railways in collaboration with Google.

To know your PNR Status on your mobile instantaneously you need to send an SMS including the following content.
PNR Number to 9773300000
Example: 1234567890 to 9773300000

Once you enter a valid PNR number you will get an SMS reply sent by Google your current status along with other journey related details. And don’t forget that normal SMS rates are applied.

PNR Enquiry through your Airtel Mobile

You can even check the PNR status on your mobile through Airtel Live Homepage. You are charged Rs 3 per SMS PNR Enquiry done by you and you are also charged the normal Rs 0.30 for 15kb that you browse.

For this you need to visit Airtel Live Homepage > Open Airtel Services For You > then proceed to Book Tickets > PNR Inquiry and enter PNR number. You will soon get a reply from Airtel Server about your current status along with other journey related details.

Check PNR Through SMS

This services id officially provided by IRCTC and you are charged per SMS  PNR enquiry done. You need to SMS to their general enquiry number which is 139.

    1. Send an SMS including the text

<PNR><PNR number> (without any spaces, or symbols) to 139

    1. .

Here is an example: PNR1234567890 to 139.
Alternatively you can also send your enquiry to 5676747 by following sample format

<PNR><space><PNR Number> send it to 567647.

Here is an example: PNR 1234567890 to 567647

Here also the premium SMS charges are applied.

Check PNR Status through GPRS

If you have an handset which supports GPRS, then you can browse through your mobile browser to or, or any other portal and put in your PNR number where exactly its require. No charges for this services but you are charged for amount of data that your browse accordingly as set by your mobile service provider.

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