The Best 5 Android Nougat Features

After the inception of the new avatar of Android with its Nougat version, numerous articles went live talking about its features and utilities, so we decided to dedicate another article, which could enlighten our readers about the best 5 Android Nougat features, which will help them understand it better and in a precise manner.

Multi-Window Support

It is not so similar to the split screen functionality that you found on some of the Samsung devices, but it is something different and one of the best known Android Nougat features. It is one of the options that would be permanently baked within Android for all – not just for some specific devices.

Notification Shade

It is one of the blessings for those who often get up in the morning to see a bundle of annoying notifications on their cell phones as a ‘good morning’ candy from the mobile world. The new design of the Notification Shade really looks amazing. The best part is that the user can now feel it quite handy in spite of getting annoyed as one can very easily reply to the messages directly from the notification shade. Generally, the thing becomes tiresome when we have to unlock the phone after reading the entire message through notification just to reply. Now you can do it just with a tap on the notification itself.

The Upgradation in Doze

Seeing the battery status low every now and then is something that’s annoying. The new feature will allow getting the notification in your mobile when you have bad battery and will convert the scenario into battery saving mode even when the screen is off.

Data Saver

It is an application that would help you to take things to the next level in terms of the device’s data saving capacity. We all use expensive data and it is really a matter of dismay when you see the stuff going out of your hands. It is a complete data monitoring tool that manages the apps for those who have unrestricted access to data. As a result, it helps a lot in monitoring and managing the data on your mobile phones.

The New Settings Menu

In the earlier menu, everything was plain-sailing. Users found it ultra-friendly from all aspects that could make it really a matter of fact that it does not need any change, but the upcoming change is really for good!

The new menu will be highly handy in making things really easy like getting you the information that is really useful about RAM usage data, the amount of data usage and the Bluetooth status. All this information can be fetched in one go without really checking into the option inside System Settings. It is really a time saving and efficient feature.

These are the best 5 Android Nougat features that you must understand before you upgrade.

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